Everything's shiny here, cap'n.

Can grownups have do overs? As a slightly obsessive perfectionist and completionist, I still stress out every time I remember that I left Blog Like Crazy unfinished. Though I only missed two days during the bulk of it, I still wrote an entry for every prompt -- except the last one. Since then, I've barely written at all.

It's not the prompt's fault. My response to that is mostly formed (in my head), but the words for it just aren't coming together well. Coupled with the beginning of the holiday rush and finals week, neither my head nor my schedule has had room to deal with it. In tiptoeing around that post, I've cranked out draft after draft of other posts, but their poor quality has left me quiet.

Most of my hesitation to begin blogging again comes from the tension between my professional vision for this blog and all of the topics swirling around that don't fit. Right now, the plan is to explore social media (and possibly tech) use in Birmingham. My list of topics for posts keeps growing, and the potential for the subject is occasionally overwhelming.

With the beginning of a new year so close, I want to rededicate this blog to building relationships with other writers and to making writing a habit. If I keep my focus on this purpose, it will (hopefully) take a natural shape, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Title is a quote from Serenity, one of my favorite movies.