Winter Restaurant Week: Cantina

The table at first... During Restaurant Week, every day is Taco Tuesday at Cantina. Their lunch deal is a side of chips and salsa or chips and queso with two tacos of your choice. It's a lot of food: the portion of chips and dip is generous, to say the least. Lucky for me, I can eat queso all. day. long. Their tacos are solid. I went with the carne asada and fish tacos. Each taco is served with a wedge of lime to take the edge off the fat of the avocado. The steak was well-done, but not tough, and the texture was rounded out with refried beans and pico de gallo. The fish taco, one of my Cantina staples, was nice and crispy, with fried tilapia finished off with some mildly creamy slaw.


But in comparison to my lunch buddy and best friend Haley, I chose poorly. Her standard meal at Cantina (or their food truck, Cantina On Wheels) is two veggie tacos with an order of garlic fries. Her meal today was a bit different, but in her words, "I would like to be buried with these veggie tacos."

They're really simple: crunchy grilled bell peppers, zucchini, avocado, cilantro mayo and avocado piled onto a flour tortilla. With a couple dashed of hot sauce, a generous pour of the salsa verde, a squeeze of lime, and a bit of queso the taco comes together beautifully.

Check out the Birmingham Restaurant Week website for more coverage.

It's Baaaaaa-ack: Birmingham Restaurant Week, Winter Edition

BRWWIf you were missing my (amateur) food blogging posts, fear not! This week, Birmingham Restaurant Week is launching their first annual winter edition. As part of the deal, they've invited me to reprise my role as their food blogger. Steel yourself for an onslaught of gratuitous food photos and blog posts, and make your plans to treat yourself this week. Here's the deal: for one week, you can sample lunch and/or dinner from some of the best restaurants in town for ridiculously low prices. These places are offering prix fixé lunch and dinner menus for $5, $10, $15, $20, or $30.

Needless to say, I'll be eating a lot (eight meals, to be exact). Luckily, I now have a gym membership, so hopefully I can find a balance between eating too much delicious food and staying active.

In any case, I'll be visiting Cantina today for lunch and John's City Diner for dinner. Stay tuned!

Check out the Birmingham Restaurant Week website for more coverage.